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Kommdirekt has been around as long as I’ve lived in this world. Redesigning a company’s website is a common yet an exciting challenge for myself. Weeks of sketching, wireframing and testing lead to the release of a beautiful website which provides user-friendly navigation and important information at a glance. 

Kommdirekt's Old and New Webdesign: The old design was trying to shove too much information into user's throat. The new one displays each group of information on one screen, so users can quickly scan from one screen to another to find the relevant information.

Defining Goals of Relaunching A Website

Simplify Complicated Things That Shouldn’t Be Complicated In The First Place

At the end of 2017 Kommdirekt already planed to give a breath of fresh air to their website. As UI/UX Developer I was asked to review every aspects and submit suggestions to improve them. 

I never really browsed their old website since the first thing that stuck in my head when I thought about it was how dynamic the homepage was. So dynamic that I never looked at it more than 5 seconds. There was simply too much going on there: image sliders that change every few seconds, three text modules with three different backgrounds and so on. 

This dynamic was one of the issues that had to be fixed in the new website. Now Kommdirekt.Digital is fine and fresh. Content is carefully placed and users have enough space to rest their eyes between sections of the page. 

Mockups were created right after the user story and information architecture were done. These help designers to create beautiful, yet user-friendly interface.

Pick out the good, throw away the bad

Ive learned at least three different kinds of UX workflow and all of them start with the user. I have to observe them to learn multitude of things: who are they, how do they complete their task and how do they finish it? As a conclusion I present the end result in a form of their personalised user story and flow. At that point I can start to simplify and improve the was the complete certain objectives, without fixing anything that isn’t broken course. 

Every discovery, every finding from these tasks assist in creation of information architecture and mockups creation.

Redesign Doesn’t Always Have To Start From  Ground Zero

Redefining responsiveness: Kommdirekt's new website displays different information for mobile and desktop users yet they have the same main point.

Responsive Design & Contents

Contents Depend On The Screen Size

Most websites only have responsive design where the layout of the website will match the screen size. In most cases people use their phone to browse websites when they have little free time like when they’re on the commuting or having lunch break. Therefore they usually to scroll fast and tend to scroll even faster when they see a lot of text.  

Website visitors often scan through the site. They look for the main point. Thus we decided to have responsive content throughout the new Kommdirekt website. Desktop users will have access to full length text and mobile users will have the quick overview. 

Not Just The UX, But Everything Is Obviously Improved

New design, better UX and improved SEO are only three out of many things that have been improved as the result of this project. Step by step Kommdirekt is improving their website. Not long ago we launched our blog and soon we will launch two other pages: career and projects.

Take a look at Kommdirekt website at this address: Kommdirekt.digital 

Satisfying Result In All Aspects