A Visual Timeline

From The Big Archipelago To The Land of Automobile


September 1

Working as UI/UX Developer at Kommdirekt GmbH

Since September 2017 I started my career as UI/UX Developer at Kommdirekt GmbH in Augsburg, Germany.
August 31

Earning Bachelor of Engineering Degree from Hochschule Esslingen

In August 2017 I officially graduated from University of Applied Sciences Esslingen. I studied Media Informatics which consists of seven semesters. I was able to finish the study on time and received a good overall grade.
February 1

Writing My Bachelor Thesis About Mixed Reality Development At Fraunhofer IPA

In February 2017 I began writing my thesis and working at Fraunhofer IPA as a working student. My thesis is about mixed reality development.
February 1

Internship at Mercedes-Benz Bank

Since I studied at an University of Applied Sciences I had to do an internship for one semester long. I was grateful enough to be able to be an intern at Mercedes-Benz Bank and working at a lot of digital projects. After the internship I also received an letter of recommendation from the team leader which described the project and how well I worked for six months with them.
January 1

Graduating From Studienkolleg Hamburg

As a foreigner I had to graduate from a Studienkolleg before I’m allowed to enroll in any German university. Studienkolleg is a school like German Gymnasium where I had to repeat some subjects that I have learnt in Indonesia like physics, chemistry, English language, and mathematics. On top of that I had to learn two new subjects which are programming in C and of course German language.
July 29

Graduating From Santo Yoseph High School in Bali

Before I left for Germany I took the study program science at SMAK (Christian High School)  Santo Yoseph Denpasar. After three years I graduated with a very good overall grade. During my study I participated in many school activities such as school magazine, IT Club and nature exploration.