Get Rihanna’s New Album ANTI For Free Now on Tidal!

Tidal is giving us the new album from Rihanna: ANTI. Make sure to get your own before they change their mind!

Rihanna Anti Free Download

You don’t need any TIDAL account, just enter your E-Mail, first name, and last name and you’re good to go! Make sure to clear your cache or history if the download is not working, or if you don’t use Google Chrome, you probably need to use this stable browser to try to download the album. You can even choose the format of the album either MP§ format or FLAC format.

Click here to download: Rihanna ANTI Free Download

ANTI is Rihanna’s eighth studio album. The release of this album had never seen the light since I don’t know 2014? But thanks to Rihanna and her team that the album is finally out FOR FREE! If you like B**ch Better Have My Money or American Oxygen, you won’t see these songs on ANTI. She probably scraped it, too bad. Well, at least we now can experience Rihanna’s new album right?

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Why Britney Spears: Confessions of A Fan

Today Britney Jeans Spears celebrating her 34th birthday! And to celebrate this, I, as one of the biggest Britney Army, a name for Britney’s fan, want to share reasons why I stan really hard for Britney Spears and not for the other pop stars out there.


Blackout GIF Britney Spears

It’s a long story why I became a big fan of miss Britney Spears. I want to write everything about that day I discovered Britney Spears, but long story short: Blackout blew my mind. And yes: It’s only been 8 years since I became a fan unlike most of my friends who already stan for Britney since 1998.

Blackout is one of the most influential album of all the time. It’s my favorite so far! But wait, aren’t all of Britney Spears’ album really good–maybe except Britney Jean? But why Blackout? It’s because all of Britney Spears’ album were made during her fit time. Meanwhile when she recorded for Blackout: It was her hardest time ever and she still managed to create such a masterpiece! RESPECT!!!

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Savages: Marina’s Voice About The Wars, Bombings and Rapes Around The World

It only took one day for killing hundreds of innocent people all around the world: Paris terrorist attack, ISIS attack in Lebanon, bombing in Bangladesh. It doesn’t stop. It keeps going. World war is upon us? What’s wrong with the world? Is it us, human race?

That night when Parisians were shot to death by a group of extremist, narcissist who were shouting The Name of God, I hardly could sleep. No one could. The image of the tragedy haunted my night and it made me remember about one song that’s sung by Marina and The Diamonds titled Savages.

And today I would like to discuss the connection between the song and the tragedy in our modern society that just keeps getting worse.

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Zedd’s New Beautiful Now Video

At the beginning of the video two girls kissing, an old man climbing the tree, a boy hiding from the bad guys, and Zedd stealing a wine from a store. A beautiful instrumental mixed is playing before the story of this characters begins.

Throughout the video, story of these characters, who seem to struggle with their life, is shown one by one. But only when the beat drops the happy experience of these characters is shown.

What can be the meaning of this video? I think it’s up to the audience. For me myself, Zedd tries to remind us, we need to remind ourselves of the beautiful moments that we have experienced in the past when we in this time face a bad situation so that we can make ourselves feel beautiful now.

Britney Spears & Iggy Azalea – Pretty Girls Official Music Video

pretty girls britney

Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea just released their brand new music video for Britney’s latest single Pretty Girls. Both of them look hot in the video, Britney hit the choreo hard, Iggy looks good dressed as alien.

Hope this video will turn the song into a hit, eventho I don’t really like the song in the very first place. But it’s great to see Britney Spears collaborated with new artist like Iggy.

This video also proves that Britney is still into it! She looks good dancing, she looks perfect in her body suit, she looks amazing with bare belly. Well, what can we say? It’s Britney Spears.