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Why Britney Spears: Confessions of A Fan

Today Britney Jeans Spears celebrating her 34th birthday! And to celebrate this, I, as one of the biggest Britney Army, a name for Britney’s fan, want to share reasons why I stan really hard for Britney Spears and not for the other pop stars out there.


Blackout GIF Britney Spears

It’s a long story why I became a big fan of miss Britney Spears. I want to write everything about that day I discovered Britney Spears, but long story short: Blackout blew my mind. And yes: It’s only been 8 years since I became a fan unlike most of my friends who already stan for Britney since 1998.

Blackout is one of the most influential album of all the time. It’s my favorite so far! But wait, aren’t all of Britney Spears’ album really good–maybe except Britney Jean? But why Blackout? It’s because all of Britney Spears’ album were made during her fit time. Meanwhile when she recorded for Blackout: It was her hardest time ever and she still managed to create such a masterpiece! RESPECT!!!

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Britney Spears & Iggy Azalea – Pretty Girls Official Music Video

pretty girls britney

Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea just released their brand new music video for Britney’s latest single Pretty Girls. Both of them look hot in the video, Britney hit the choreo hard, Iggy looks good dressed as alien.

Hope this video will turn the song into a hit, eventho I don’t really like the song in the very first place. But it’s great to see Britney Spears collaborated with new artist like Iggy.

This video also proves that Britney is still into it! She looks good dancing, she looks perfect in her body suit, she looks amazing with bare belly. Well, what can we say? It’s Britney Spears.

The Impact of Britney’s Tom’s Diner is Real

Just less than a day after the leak of the slayage that is Britney Spears’ version of Tom’s Diner, we can see the impact is real and powerful. And here I am, gonna write it all for you. Don’t forget to get the song by pre-ordering Giorgio’s latest album: DeJa Vu.

      1. It’s not officialy released, yet it managed to top Billboard Twitter Realtime Chart
        toms diner realtime chart

        I don’t even know that an unreleased song can enter the chart. Well, It’s Britney, she has the ability to make Billboard change the rules last minutes (*cough* Blackout *cough*)
      2. Tom’s Diner was #1 Trending Topic Worldwide and stayed in TTWW list for hours
        Toms diner trending topic world wideGenerating more than 30,000 tweets. Bet it generated more the second it leaked.
      3. The fact that the original singer even likes it
      4. Tom’s Diner is more recognized by the search engine the the first single off of the album
        compare tom diner search engineYou know that Britney Spears is the most searched celebrity in the planet for years right? No surprise that only a cover song in an album gets more recognition than the first single off of DeJa Vu itself. Britney generates almost twice as much as Kylie Minogue featured song titled Right Here, Right Now.
      5. More people prefer the Britney’s version of Tom’s Diner
        tom diner britneyAccording to Perez Hilton’s vote, more than seventy percent of 914 visitors like Britney Spears’ Tom’s Diner more than Suzanne Vega. Nothing can beat original, unless it’s Britney, bxxch!
      6. Tom’s Diner pushes the album harder than the other singles

        According to an Universe member, Starsm, the album was in the top 400. After the leak of Tom’s Diner, it seems like the Britney’s power pushes it harder close to Top 200. And it’s also number two on the electronic albums chart.

      7. and if you don’t like it, just…

Britney Spears’ Tom’s Diner Leaked

Britney Spears’ version of the iconic Tom’s Diner just leaked. The song features Britney Spears’ natural vocal plus robotic background vocal. She sounds really good, and the song is as fresh as never been before. The doo doo doo part is obviously, the best part! Because Britney Spears was too busy with her Vegas and her new single Pretty Girls, she didn’t then have time to record the bridge which is now sung by Giorgio himself.

Giorgio new album where you can find this  Suzanne Vega cover is coming this June. Make sure to pre order it now on any digital music merchant! Here you can have the iTunes link: Oh beside Britney, Sia, and Kylie, you can also hear flawless vocals contribution from Matthew Koma, Charli XCX, and mores.

DeJa Vu Tracklist


1 4 U with Love

Déjà Vu (feat. Sia)
3 Diamonds (feat. Charli XCX)
4 Don’t Let Go (feat. Mikky Ekko)

Right Here, Right Now (feat. Kylie Minogue)
6 Tempted (feat. Matthew Koma)

74 Is the New 24
8 Tom’s Diner (feat. Britney Spears)
9 Wildstar (feat. Foxes)
10 Back and Forth (feat. Kelis)
11 I Do This for You (feat. Marlene)
12 La Disco

Pretty Girls: Britney and Iggy Rocking The 80’s Style Music Video Shoot

pretty girls iggy britney

We’re almost there! Yesterday before I went to sleep, Iggy and Britney was busy shooting the music video for their next number one hit that is Pretty Girls which is produced by The Invisible Men who is the producer for several hits like Fancy, Black Widow, Do It Like A Dude, and mores. Britney is ready to be the new Urban Queen? Yeah, I think so too.

The music video is going to have the 80s vibe. There’s also a rumour that they’re going to pay tibute for Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion. Since Iggy co-directs the video, who is the main director by the way?, it might be possible because Iggy loves to pay tribute to classic movie just like when she did Clueless for her Fancy music video, and Kill Bill for her Black Widow music video.

Pretty Girls will hit the world on May 5th. So get ready guys. If you want to have a little snippet of the song, you can listen to it towards the end of this video bellow: