Exposing Bali’s Benoa Bay Reclamation Project

It’s been more than a year since the Balinese along with groups of volunteer activists fight against the government’s plan to create a new land (or known as land reclamation) in the sea area of Benoa Bay. The result of the planned project will be a 800 hectares man-made island, in which a Formula One race track, theme parks (like Disney Land, perhaps?), horse race track, hotels and restaurants, and of course art center will be built.

The Objectives

In 2013 Bali’s Governor told the public about the objectives of this project, which is to gain a lot of money for him to create a new tourism spot, to expand Bali’s land area, to protect Bali from Tsunami, and a lot more that I will of course counter against it in the next sections of this post.

When I read the statement released by the Bali’s Governor, I was like “This guy can’t be serious, right?” And a year later, I realized, he IS serious. I mean thousands of Balinese already went down the street and held a demonstration about how they are not for it. But the Governor seemed like

Bali’s Governor probably busy listening to La La La by Sam Smith when thousands of Balinese fighting to protect their home

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jakarta attacks

The Other Side of Jakarta Attacks

A couple of days ago Istanbul was under attack, and today when I woke up, I got a chat from my mom saying that Jakarta was under attack a long with bunch of pics that I should have not seen in the morning. I was shocked to death. One because I have never imagined Indonesia being terrorized again, two because I woke up late and it’s 9 AM.

I then sent chats to some of my friends who live in Jakarta and asking them about their condition. And glad none of them is hurt. It was such a relief. If you don’t know what has happened this morning in the capital city of my precious country, Indonesia, you could google it yourself. Long story short, there were a series of explosions and gun attacks in Sarinah, Jakarta Pusat. And the mastermind behind this is wahrscheinlich those who also attacked Paris and Instanbul.

Every tragedy, has its own story. And because this series of attack happened in Indonesia, sometimes we cannot expect what kind of story this tragedy will bring to us. And here are things that I have never imagined to happen during or after the attack:

1. This Bapak Who Keeps Selling His Satay During The Gunfight Between The Police and The Terrorist

selling satay during jakarta attacks

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Spotify Year in Music 2015

My Spotify Year in Music: 2015 is catchier than 2014

It’s the end of the year and it’s time to summarise what we’ve heard in 2015! Luckily Spotify has an unique way to tell us what kind of music we’ve been listening too all year long. It’s called Spotify Year in Music.

Because some of the result might not be accurate, I compare the result from Spotify and Last.Fm together. I realized I need to do this when I saw Marina and The Diamonds nowhere in any category. And it makes me want to break some heart! So, let’s check my Spotify Year in Music 2015!

spotify begins with reboost.

I kicked my year off with Slappin’ Da Bass – Original Edit by Reboost. It’s such a good EDM song. Very light and catchy. And no, it has no vocal. But it’s still great!

My top artist goes to….

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Why Britney Spears: Confessions of A Fan

Today Britney Jeans Spears celebrating her 34th birthday! And to celebrate this, I, as one of the biggest Britney Army, a name for Britney’s fan, want to share reasons why I stan really hard for Britney Spears and not for the other pop stars out there.


Blackout GIF Britney Spears

It’s a long story why I became a big fan of miss Britney Spears. I want to write everything about that day I discovered Britney Spears, but long story short: Blackout blew my mind. And yes: It’s only been 8 years since I became a fan unlike most of my friends who already stan for Britney since 1998.

Blackout is one of the most influential album of all the time. It’s my favorite so far! But wait, aren’t all of Britney Spears’ album really good–maybe except Britney Jean? But why Blackout? It’s because all of Britney Spears’ album were made during her fit time. Meanwhile when she recorded for Blackout: It was her hardest time ever and she still managed to create such a masterpiece! RESPECT!!!

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Savages: Marina’s Voice About The Wars, Bombings and Rapes Around The World

It only took one day for killing hundreds of innocent people all around the world: Paris terrorist attack, ISIS attack in Lebanon, bombing in Bangladesh. It doesn’t stop. It keeps going. World war is upon us? What’s wrong with the world? Is it us, human race?

That night when Parisians were shot to death by a group of extremist, narcissist who were shouting The Name of God, I hardly could sleep. No one could. The image of the tragedy haunted my night and it made me remember about one song that’s sung by Marina and The Diamonds titled Savages.

And today I would like to discuss the connection between the song and the tragedy in our modern society that just keeps getting worse.

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